Once again, I have to say that the future of HR teams is looking very exciting. I was just looking through the latest report by Deloitte Analyst Josh Bersin, Predictions 2016: A Bold New World of Talent, Learning, & HR Technology Ahead.
The report dives into 10 key predictions for HR this year. What captured my attention is the fact that all of these predictions are related to varying degrees to technology upgrades, particularly cloud HCM platforms such as Workday. Perhaps even more significant are the changes in perspective of whole organizations toward HR, recognizing its vital importance on a company’s success.
I’ll just mention a couple of predictions, but I’ll include a link in case anyone would like to take a look. Most directly pertinent is the replacement of dated HR technology: ” Organizations will make the tremendous shift toward modern, cloud-based systems and build “true systems of engagement,” bringing analytics into the core HR function. But these transitions will likely be difficult and filled with risk.” (More about how Global Soft Technologies can mitigate that risk coming up.)
Numbers 3 and 4 are the transformation of performance management and talent management, which also tie into the expertise Global Soft Technologies is providing at integrating and developing Workday for HR teams.
Number 5 prediction is that employee engagement, culture, and feedback will be primary topics in the boardroom, and this seems like quite a paradigm shift in perspective. “Real-time feedback, culture assessment tools, and other ways to capture and measure employee feedback will become a major new discipline within HR and business.”
Analytics and data-driven decision making evolving into key initiatives in HR is number 9.  People analytics will start to enter the mainstream of HR; many jobs will open up and amazing new stories of success will help us all to learn; new sources of data will start to feed the analytics team.”
Global Soft Technologies specializes specifically in helping HR teams unlock the full potential of Workday in order to navigate these changes with minimal risk and maximum benefit. It doesn’t matter whether an HR team is pre-, post-, or current with a Workday initiative; we can take the lead or provide complementary and additive consultative value; and we can work in an on-demand or longer term.
Just don’t hesitate to drop me a note, because Global Soft Technologies is always happy to assist!