According to the recent Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey, 2016 marks the end of a cycle for HR technologies and a beginning of a new phase in the evolution of HR strategies, a quantum leap in HR technologies. Here are some of the main points of the survey:

43% of organizations have a major HR Systems Strategy initiative.
Organizations are taking multiple pathways to transforming the HR Systems Environment, with a mixture of rip and replace, combination, hosted, outsourcing, and hybrid environments.
HR organizations achieve higher levels of HR, Talent, and Business outcomes by embracing their organization’s culture. Data-Driven, TalentDriven, and Top Performing Organizations provide insights on their unique approaches to HR systems.
Although rapid changes in both enterprise and personal technologies should come as no surprise to anyone, there is always that nagging feeling of uncertainty that we may encounter a change we’re not prepared for. No one can predict the future, but as Gerald Celente of the Trend’s Institute always says, “current events form future trends.” More than 40% of organizations are looking at improving or developing a new Enterprise HR Systems Strategy this year. Obviously, the goal is to adapt to the changes to not only stay effective, but to capitalize the opportunities that accompany change. Planning and developing a strategy for smooth technological transitions is paramount.

According to this survey, last year more than half newly-purchased Human Resource Management Software solutions are are cloud based. This number is expected to grow this year because of the ease of implementing and upgrading various technology enhancements such as shared service centers, HR portals, help-desks, and mobile access, all of which boost efficiency and productivity tremendously. Cloud based platforms such as Workday are ideal because of ease, scalability, and low maintenance. It is essential that a pre-implementation strategy for the transition to a cloud HRMSs is in place.

If your goal is to transform your technology environment into a platform that can nimbly support tools for capturing and analyzing HR data, enhancing reporting capabilities, and enhance overall User Experiences, a clear and well-defined strategic blueprint based on your current versus future requirements is indispensable.

At Global Soft Technologies, transformation is what gets us excited. We have a wide and deep skill-set and range of experience to draw upon when it comes to planning and coaching organizations through all phases of the implementation, development, training, and maintenance of Workday. We love being involved in a process that has so many potential benefits to an organization’s HR team, and we work in a multitude of different capacities both on-demand and long term. Drop us a quick note if you have any questions related to Workday or the services we can provide.