UiPath Implementation

UiPath Development

Global Soft Technologies UiPath RPA developers identify end client’s business requirements related to automation development. These needs stem from the fact that
automation development is an iterative development process, no matter how simple or user-friendly it seems. We implement development guidelines across the organization, customizing them to specific requirements or departments while limiting access depending on the user role.

Big automation development teams require dedicated development guidelines to ensure standards, stability, and consistency across projects, departments, and
release versions and we ensure that these guidelines are implemented. We typically implement UiPath Solutions using the client’s framework or can also build a UiPath development framework from scratch.

We implement UiPath through Azure DevOps. Source Code Control is done through GIT and backlog management through Agile / Scrum Methodology using Work
Items, Sprint Planning. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CICD) is used to deploy UiPath solutions.

UiPath Support

Global Soft Technologies UiPath Support staff are the caretakers and watchdogs of an organization’s production environment, ensuring that everything functions properly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They wear many hats, including bot monitoring, stakeholder service, and automation maintenance. The most critical task is to protect the production environment against poorly designed and implemented automations that could undermine organization’s project credibility and lead to dissatisfaction among your business stakeholders and leadership.

We recognize that not every developer has the ability to create high-quality automations. However, we do require that developers adhere to basic design and configuration guidelines, as well as that the business team approves the final product. More scrutiny is required for a newly promoted automation is expected, but it should not be the norm after the first two weeks unless very unusual conditions exist.